“Here I Am, Lord”  (words of the prophet Nathan)

Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher, …lived somewhere in ancient China.  I have met him today in my wandering and seen into his view of self knowledge.  His insights are timeless and inspirational for many, and I quote, “ The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.”

At this time, I am learning some basic techniques in drawing and coloring and enjoying a journey to “places I have not gone before.” (Star Trek theme) Of course, I am a beginner, with questionable talent, who dares to explore new avenues of artistic expression.  One of my elementary school teachers told me that not only my handwriting was terrible for a girl, but she later told me that I was also a terrible artist…. It is my intention to finally ignore these negative comments.  I was a left-handed person in a right-handed world defying the belief that this could be true.

My second quote, equally inspirational, is from Confucius…”No matter where you go_ there you are.”

My question is, “Where will this lead me?”  Life can always surprise us, and this truth can last through all our days.  How exciting!


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In my imagination, I am young and present on the sixth day…

    Creation, so beautiful and full of wonder appearing to my mind

Beginnings of nights and days lasting for eons ‘till this very day

     Waters separated and formed into the vast oceans and small streams

I see them winding down stately mountains to valleys through sunlit paths

     To where life is teeming in all forms of plants, animals, birds and sea creatures

 Bringing potential life forms in mysterious genetic keys that are unseen to me

    And on this day, the sixth, God created a specific man, Adam,

And through him, generations … epochs and eras were born

   All of humankind chosen on that day, and we are among the chosen…

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O Mother of my Jesus
Please come into my home
I’ll make fresh coffee and sweet rolls
We can be as family or just friends
And you may pray when I am hopeless
That I may recognize
So many outcomes along the way
To believe the impossible
And have strength to persist
See the good: make a list
Know that I may always have another
Ounce of strength – See a path;
Have persistence with faith to sustain me,
Hope to keep me going
Knowledge to tap into,
And people to assist in building
A legacy I cannot know.

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