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Here is the most free form writing I may ever present.   The answer to the question is not available at this time.   I was not planning to post tonight.   sometimes i think that it is all too boring and why take the time to bore someone else and what made me decide to write anyhow?  then i put my fingers to the keyboard and out it came. [] This blog posting sounds like it is all about me, but it is truly applicable to every person's life.   Everything in my life has been done in conjunction with others.   The list can be made for any one on this planet.   We live in obscurity, but we fill in some of the pieces in the universal makeup of planet earth and all of its related parts. . . known and unknown, , , as we continue the journey of Man toward his destiny.

Who Cares?

 Made a great lasagna

 Wrote a poem with a political twist

 Sang hymns for beloved one Christmas

 Did water aerobics twice in 4 days

Had 4 boys in 7 years

 Loved the daughters I have been given by marriage

 Graduated from a university with a Math major and English minor

 Learned to play the flute

 Taught middle school children

 Graduated high school in top 5th of class

 Sang an alto solo from a Bach Christmas Cantata

 And another phrase from the Vivaldi Gloria

                        Was in the 95th percentile in college placement

Was the wife of a great musician

 Was the daughter of a World War II veteran and a sweet dedicated Mom

 Has loved her siblings all her life

 Would give her life for her grandchildren

 Survived a 99% blockage of an RCA (right coronary artery)

 Cared for all my boys when they were sick or in need

 Prayed by my true love’s grave.  

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