“Here I Am, Lord”  (words of the prophet Nathan)

Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher, …lived somewhere in ancient China.  I have met him today in my wandering and seen into his view of self knowledge.  His insights are timeless and inspirational for many, and I quote, “ The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.”

At this time, I am learning some basic techniques in drawing and coloring and enjoying a journey to “places I have not gone before.” (Star Trek theme) Of course, I am a beginner, with questionable talent, who dares to explore new avenues of artistic expression.  One of my elementary school teachers told me that not only my handwriting was terrible for a girl, but she later told me that I was also a terrible artist…. It is my intention to finally ignore these negative comments.  I was a left-handed person in a right-handed world defying the belief that this could be true.

My second quote, equally inspirational, is from Confucius…”No matter where you go_ there you are.”

My question is, “Where will this lead me?”  Life can always surprise us, and this truth can last through all our days.  How exciting!


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