“Here I Am, Lord”  (words of the prophet Nathan)

Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher, …lived somewhere in ancient China.  I have met him today in my wandering and seen into his view of self knowledge.  His insights are timeless and inspirational for many, and I quote, “ The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.”

At this time, I am learning some basic techniques in drawing and coloring and enjoying a journey to “places I have not gone before.” (Star Trek theme) Of course, I am a beginner, with questionable talent, who dares to explore new avenues of artistic expression.  One of my elementary school teachers told me that not only my handwriting was terrible for a girl, but she later told me that I was also a terrible artist…. It is my intention to finally ignore these negative comments.  I was a left-handed person in a right-handed world defying the belief that this could be true.

My second quote, equally inspirational, is from Confucius…”No matter where you go_ there you are.”

My question is, “Where will this lead me?”  Life can always surprise us, and this truth can last through all our days.  How exciting!


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Regarding My Guardian

An angel watches over me

God’s gift from all eternity

I wonder how she would appear

And how is it that she’s always near

In times of danger or fall from grace

In love she leads me to a safer place.

Imagining that angels are not all the same

I wanted to give her a most fitting name

In heaven, with so many angels there

A small bright Michela, waits for me

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Today, I am the most depressed I can remember.  Of course, I am not trying to remember depressing moments.  As a member of the human race, my life is fraught with the same sad or depressing things as most other people experience.  Actually, many people across and around the globe, have far worse difficulties than I ever had or ever will have.  It is just that I have been cooped up for the last three weeks or more and I am stuck with just the company of Jack, our border collie, and Noel, our kitty.  They are very loving, steady companions, but neither can answer my questions, help with chores, or laugh at my jokes (and they would both steal the food out of my mouth if I let them).

Allow me, to describe my mental and physical issues while none of them are earth shaking, it is my current state of “when is this going to change?” that I need to conquer.  First, I burned my hand, (second degree), and went to a local place where you can show up without an appointment.  While there, I noticed that there at least six or seven prospective patients were coughing and showing evidence of having a transmittable illness.  By the time I figured that out, it was too late. I left with a bandaged hand and whatever I was exposed to during the two hours I waited.  I was beginning to think that even if my physician couldn’t see me for a few hours, it would have been better to have an appointed time in his less crowded office. Hindsight is so good…..

 Second, before a week was out, I had developed bronchitis with bronchial spasms (which required inhalers and oral medications), and I was laid up for a couple of weeks with the appropriate period of rest and recovery.  Finally, all better, no wheezing, reduced symptoms, or other remnants of what had been happening as a wheezing, coughing, puffing, and putting prescribed meds in my body. Halleluiah…it worked and that is all behind me.

So….is everything good to go?….you would think so but, no, I dropped my keys inside my car and could not go anywhere because even though my car would start, I couldn’t reach the keys and could not go anywhere in it and leave it unlocked.  This, was also resolved after almost a week, by my number three son (birth order), who made it his goal to find them.  It took him about 15 minutes and I was back in business again.  Things are definitely looking up…yes!  But once again, problems are keeping me home.  The temperature dropped below zero for the last week, and I would have to be a certified lunatic to risk being out driving at my age. Clue….I have four grown sons, their wives, and seven grandchildren.  So, I am not a spring chicken as my late mother-in-law used to say.

I have decided that although all of this has depressed my mood, I will turn things around, be patient with the weather, and life will be sweet again.  I must admit, that I actually, in a desperate moment,  did a little research, and considered buying a new car.  This was a thought that I quickly quelled remembering that I just made my last car payment last week.  Also, I thought, what would my family’s reaction be…would they think I had lost my mind?  It is March, and spring is only a couple of weeks away…I can be joyful and at times very happy while I wait!

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