I think almost everyone has experienced the morning before awakening.  I sometimes wonder what is the equivalent of those who have been at work all night and are now entering sleep instead of waking.  I love morning and its mystery…what will happen today that I will find memorable.  I think I may have exhausted the possibilities and then….comes the surprise and wonder….

         Beginning a New Day

          'Twas morning

And daylight creeping

Through tall trees

Chasing deep darkness away

Penetrating the unconscious mind

As it catches a fading glimpse of

An angelic figure vanishing

As daylight divides the dream

And dreamer with wakening eyes

While nocturnal music fades

Gradually replaced by the sounds

Of the earth…gurgling waters

From a nearby waterfall

As the dream has fled

Gradually replaced by 

Crisp chirping sounds of birds

As the waking dreamer

Is still longing for the dream


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