We love and are loved and grow amid treasured memories

The present and the past are joined to bring a new day

As we hope… creating a future with peace in place

We move cautiously avoiding chaos 

And listen to the thunder closing in

We are prepared when lightening bolts find their targets

We are patient through sheets of rain and hail

We celebrate the ensuing calm

Of light warm raindrops as a storm subsides

And we may find a taste of freedom

Walking in the rain.


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I think almost everyone has experienced the morning before awakening.  I sometimes wonder what is the equivalent of those who have been at work all night and are now entering sleep instead of waking.  I love morning and its mystery…what will happen today that I will find memorable.  I think I may have exhausted the possibilities and then….comes the surprise and wonder….

         Beginning a New Day

          'Twas morning

And daylight creeping

Through tall trees

Chasing deep darkness away

Penetrating the unconscious mind

As it catches a fading glimpse of

An angelic figure vanishing

As daylight divides the dream

And dreamer with wakening eyes

While nocturnal music fades

Gradually replaced by the sounds

Of the earth…gurgling waters

From a nearby waterfall

As the dream has fled

Gradually replaced by 

Crisp chirping sounds of birds

As the waking dreamer

Is still longing for the dream


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There is not much to say about November.  The month, when many people experience the changing of the seasons and draw back from the festive days of summer.  Gray skies abound, as the focus of saying goodbye to days of sun emerges.  Strong and resilient folks  will  prepare themselves physically and mentally for another time when days of ice and cold weather take charge.  Even when the cold is seemingly paralyzing to productivity and unrelenting for days at a time, hope is not lost, and we dream of new days to come. But, winter can be liberating to the mind as we remember joyful events and friendships that make everything so much better.  We welcome the memories once forgotten and now remembered…another time to reflect and find joy.


In Our Back Yard

The Oak and Maple have given up their leaves

Branches forming a stenciled pattern across the sky

Looks like my art projects from elementary school 

I drew a barren tree near a house each year gone by.


I was aware of a lack of genius in my depictions

Of natural beauty or a familiar pet's face

Each week, I cringed to view my attempt

To draw the beauty I saw… but could not trace.  


Now, I have a new perspective

To create a picture of what I see

I am not sorry I could not draw

But the written word is given to me.




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